LimeLight by Alcone. Alcone has been around since the 1950's, a family owned company providing professional make up strictly to the film and stage industry. In 2015 the company began a direct sales division, LimeLight by Alcone, which brings these amazing professional make up products and their all natural skin care line to the general public. Many products are vegan, gluten free, paraben free and all are cruelty free!

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A few ways to help support a FD warrior:

1. Order FD awareness gear and then the money gets donated to help others that have Fibrous Dysplasia/MAS

2. Read up on Fibrous Dysplasia/MAS and FD warriors stories so you have a better understanding of what it is and how it affects a FD warrior.

3. Learn about events that happen through the year such as Rare Disease Day (Every Febuary), Invisible illness awareness week (September) and figure out how to support and join the awareness!

4. Check out other sites such as and other sites listed on the HOME page

5. Support their businesses- Money gets tight with having this disease and if you're wanting to help someone then a great way is to support their business (Links and facebook pages below- scroll down)

6. Donate or Apply to FD warriors INC. 9Inofrmation and details below)

7. Just be there for them. is working side by side with and they given permission to us use any infomation on their website to help raise more awareness.

It Works! is a company that bases their products off plants so its natural. Our shakes are so natural that even VEGAN's can use it! It Works! is known for their "crazy wrap things" but actually they have over 50 health and wellness products...everything from helping with hair, skin and nails, stretch marks, scars, wrinkles, loosing weight and toning up, vitamins, energy drinks and so much more! I use the shakes daily to make sure I get my nutrient intake since the FD in my skull is so bad that I can barely eat! It Works! really does work!

FD warriors Inc. is a new non-profit organization created and ran by a FD patient, Skye and creator of and along her side working beside her are two other FD patients Christina and myself (Lauren Foster.) FD warriors Inc has been created to help families affected by Fibrous Dysplasia with medical expenses. After we raise a certain amount of money, we will begin accepting application for finiacal assistance. You must go to to fill out application or to donate and help out the cause.

There are many ways to support a FD warrior.

Information about the NEW non-profit organization called FD warriors Inc.