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​Do you have a child that has to live daily with an illness and feel that they deserve a "pick me up?" Do you know a child that no matter what obstacle gets in their way they always have a smile on their face and you want to give them another reason to keep that smile? Do you have a child that gets down because of their illness and you want them to feel like they are not alone? Well, you've come to the right place. Welcome to The Boney Bears Movement. 

​The Boney Bear Movement is a NEW program that is starting as of November 1st, 2016. The Boney Bear Movement if for ALL CHILDREN (AGES NEWBORN-12 YEARS OLD) that lives having to cope with an illness of any kind. Those children can be eligible to receive a hand-made teddy bear and a customized charm or keychain for FREE sent by FD Warriors Inc. We will pick anywhere from 1-10 children each month. Also it does not matter where we need to ship it to, we ship within the United States and Internationally.

What's the catch? There's not one. All you have to do is submit a form about your child/a child you know that would love something like this. There are a few pieces of information that is REQUIRED. The form is located below.

​1) Your name, address (so we know where to send the bear), contact info

​2) The child's name, age, gender and what illness they have

​*Personal Information will ONLY be used for this and will NOT be shared*

​*We do request a picture to be taken when the child receives the bear so we can add it to our website to help spread the word but its not mandatory*


How did this program come about?

​One day, I (Lauren Foster) was off work and at home taking care of my children. I started looking back to when my children were younger and I remembered how sick they both were when they were born but you could never tell because they were always happy children; laughing, smiling. That's when I started thinking about when I was diagnosed with Fibrous Dysplasia and it all kind of hit me like a ton of bricks. I started making the bears and discussed the idea with the other members of FD Warriors Inc, some close friends, fellow FD Warriors, and my family and we got to work. Originally the bears were only going to be sent to kids with FD/MAS but that soon changed and because FD/MAS is all based off a rare bone disease my fiancée, Ryan came up with calling it, "The Boney Bear Movement" and that stuck.

How is this being funded?

Whenever ANYONE purchases an awareness keychain, charm, etc. the proceeds go to The Boney Bear Movement. One purchase of a keychain/charm can make and ship a bear in the United States. With three purchases it can make and ship one internationally. Donations are also accepted.​ FD Warriors Inc. has already donated $100 to the movement and ready to ship the first 20 bears! The Pictures to the right are some of the bears, charms and keychains. This is a non-profit program just like FD Warriors Inc. is a non profit organization.

Example: If Billy buys 5 FD/MAS Awareness keychains and then you fill out the form for your child/a child you know that suffers from Fibrous Dysplasia/MAS, Autism, Diabetes, etc. it's taken care of.

Can we pick which keychain/charm that comes free with the bear? Can it be personalized? Can we pick which color we'd prefer the bear to be?

​Yes. Absolutely. Our goal is to make the child happy.

Example: If the child's favorite color is blue and you request if we could make a blue bear, FD Warriors Inc. will try our hardest to do just that.

​For more information about FD Warriors Inc. click on the link below or click on the "Support an FD Warrior" tab above.

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​Boney Bear Movement