I started #BattleScarChallenge to prove that our battle scars are a part of us. They show a story.  But like some illnesses not all scars are visible. Mines not. That's why I had to show mine by lifting up my lip. But even so, not all scars are physically visible. Like the depression we go through, but it makes a scar on our past, etc. So yes , you can do this challenge whether your insecure about a csection scar , addiction to drugs and over came it or even if you have FD and never had an operation. This is a challenge for anyone who has overcome anything.

Example : if you overcame your depression that you have with your FD (most days) and you're proud about that you could send me a picture of your favorite quote or you with a smile and a thumbs up. It would still work.  

Those without surgery scars are just as important in this #FDFamily as those with them. And anyone with a "scar on their past" that they've overcome matters. Please join us by showing your battle scars, love yourself and be confident. Be proud for what youv'e overcome. Be #FDProud.

Rare Disease Day 2016

 Battle Scar Challenge